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Better Design Award 2024

Better Design Award 2024 | International Competition

Better Design Award (BDA), an international comprehensive design award that recognizes works and companies that demonstrate design excellence and innovation around the world, has been recently opened ...

Barilla Pasta For Special Moments

Barilla Pasta For Special Moments | International Competition

Barilla and Desall recently has announced new idea design copetition and invites creative talents of any nationality to look for new pasta shapes to offer an innovative and unique consumer experience ...

Appliance of the Future

Appliance of the Future | International Competition

A multinational corporation in partnership with Desall, recently has opened new design contest inviting applications to transform the classic mixer grinder into an appliance of the future addressing d ...

Calzavara Multifunctional Urban Structure

Calzavara Multifunctional Urban Structure | International Competition

Calzavara and Desall invite you to participate in a new contest dedicated to the design of a telecommunications structure, which combines its primary function with elements of urban furniture and ambi ...

2024 Shark Tank of Wellness Global Student Competition

2024 Shark Tank of Wellness Global Student Competition | International Competition

The Global Wellness Summit is hosting their international annual student competition for 2024, inviting all students to submit their innovative ideas for the wellness industry, with a life-changing op ...

2024 MUSE Creative Awards: Season 2

2024 MUSE Creative Awards: Season 2 | International Competition

The second season of the MUSE Creative Awards for 2024, recently opened for entries is an international competition for designers and creative professionals who inspire others to greater heights with ...

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