BDFIL Caran d'Ache Prize 2024

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BDFIL Caran d'Ache Prize 2024

BDFIL Caran d'Ache Prize 2024 now is over!

BDFIL Caran d'Ache Prize 2024: BDFIL, in partnership with Caran d’Ache, recently has organised new edition of its BDFIL - Caran d'Ache Prize 2024 inviting emerging comic artists worldwide to participate.

Short description

BDFIL, in partnership with Caran d’Ache, recently has organised new edition of its BDFIL - Caran d'Ache Prize 2024 inviting emerging comic artists worldwide to participate.

The BDFIL Caran d’Ache Prize for Emerging Comic Artists is a prestigious competition that serves as a platform for discovering and promoting new talents in the comic arts industry. Aimed at artists who have not yet been published, the competition seeks to nurture creativity and innovation within the comic community.

The theme of the contest is "HA HA HA HA".

Each entry to the competition must be a complete, original story presented on A3 paper in the French - vertical format. This specific requirement ensures that all submissions maintain a standard size for exhibition and judging purposes. The content of the comic can be with or without text, but must adhere closely to the contest’s theme, providing a creative challenge to the participants. The choice of style, form, and materials is left entirely to the artist, allowing for a wide range of artistic expressions. Furthermore, the competition specifies that all dialogues or texts within the comic be in English or French, accommodating a broader audience and jury.

Each participant may enter one project only.

The jury, headed by a comic book artist, will be composed of a member of a museum, a specialized journalist, a publisher, a member of the University of Lausanne's Comics Study Group, a Caran d'Ache member and a festival representative. The jury will evaluate the respect of the conditions of the present rules, the originality as well as the particular qualities of the scenario (execution, cut-out, etc.) and the graphic design.

The BDFIL Caran d’Ache Prize not only offers significant exposure and recognition but also includes substantial financial rewards for the top entries. The competition culminates in an exhibition where selected works are displayed, providing artists with the opportunity to showcase their talent to an international audience and network with other professionals in the comic arts field. This exposure can be a pivotal moment in the careers of emerging comic artists, marking their entry into the professional world of comics.

Submission requirements:

Every project should present a complete original story, in one panel, with or without text, closely related to the theme of the contest: "Eureka". This theme can be freely interpreted. The project has to be presented on an A3 format (29,7 x 42 cm) in the French format (vertical). The style, form and materials used for the project are left to the free choice of the author. The language used for the texts and dialogues must be English or French.

Who may enter?

The competition accepts submissions from individuals aged 15 and over, from any geographic location.


The prizes are distributed as CHF 2,000 for the first place, CHF 1,500 for the second place, and CHF 1,000 for the third place, with potential for special mentions that recognize particular artistic merits. The winners are responsible for their own travel and stay if they reside in Western Europe; those from outside Western Europe will have travel expenses partially reimbursed up to CHF 300.

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