Model Young Package 2024 Packaging Design Contest

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Model Young Package 2024 Packaging Design Contest

Model Young Package 2024 Packaging Design Contest is now open for entries!

Model Young Package 2024 Packaging Design Contest: Model Young Package, largest competition of its kind in the world organised by CZECHDESIG, has been recently opened for entries in its 2024 edition, inviting all students and designers of any age to participate.

Short description

Model Young Package 2024, largest competition of its kind in the world, now is calling for entries!

Up-and-coming talents aged 15 and over can submit their prototypes and revolutionize sweets packaging in line with the “Sweets in a Box” this year theme.

The Model Young Package competition invites designers to create innovative packaging solutions for “Sweets in a Box”. You are invited yo design a prototype that does not only protect and preserve but also tells a story, creates an experience, and ignites the senses.

Start by choosing one of two briefings and submit your digital prototype.

Briefing 1: Create a sophisticated omnichannel packaging for sweets

- Create a packaging solution for retail, transport, and e-commerce.

- Prioritize a design that enhances the overall presentation and handling of the product.

- Ensure adaptability by seamlessly fitting any distribution channel.

- Consider an all-in-one or modular multi-part solution, combining gift and postal packaging for e-commerce.

- Explore the use of multiple parts, like a gift box and matching shipping box, for added versatility. (Only, if necessary)

Briefing 2: Create a packaging for any sweets of your preference

- Propose an innovative primary, secondary, or tertiary packaging solution for sweets using paper-based materials that meet modern packaging criteria. You have the freedom to choose whether you prefer an especially efficient and material-saving solution, a uniquely designed work of art, or functional packaging with an additional benefit.

- Showcase creativity by presenting a packaging idea that may not conform to the initial briefing but fulfills all essential requirements.

- Demonstrate versatility in design, considering unique use cases for sweets packaging within the chosen packaging tier.

- Utilize paper-based materials to align with sustainability goals and contemporary packaging trends.

- Embrace the open nature of the briefing to unleash creativity and present a sweets packaging solution that goes beyond traditional constraints within the specified packaging tier.

The competition includes two submission categories:

High School Students: For young talents still in secondary education
University Students and Designers: Open to university students and professional designers

Entries will be evaluated by a panel of experts in design and packaging. Criteria include the innovation of the packaging design, visual look and overall quality, functionality and ergonomics, production capability and sustainability.

The shortlisted designs will be announced online and a public online voting for the top of the best will be initiated. Together with the jury's favorites, the winners will take part in the Professional Challenge. The favorites chosen by the jury and the winners of the online voting will compete against selected top designers.

Finalists will be invited to an awards ceremony where winners will be announced. Winning designs will be showcased, providing recognition and exposure to participants.

Note! Entry opens on 1 September 2024.

Who may enter?

The competition is open to participants aged 15 and above, from students to professionals.


1st Prize: €8,000
2nd Prize: €6,000
3rd Prize: €4,000

Additional special awards and recognition include eco-friendly design and audience choice awards, contributing to a total prize pool of €28,000.

Participation Benefits:

Gain international recognition and showcase your creativity
Network with industry professionals and peers
Contribute to the advancement of sustainable packaging solutions

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