KBr Photo Award 2021

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KBr Photo Award 2021

KBr Photo Award 2021 now is over!

KBr Photo Award 2021: The Fundación MAPFRE is announcing the KBr Photo Award, an international biennial prize that reaffirms the Fundación’s commitment to artistic creation through its promotion of the winning photographer on the national and international art scene and by facilitating his/her career with an exhibition of their work and an associated catalogue.

Short description

In June 2021 Fundación MAPFRE has launched the 1st edition of the KBr Photo Award, a biennial international prize and competition that reaffirms the Fundación’s support for artistic creation. This support takes the form of promoting the winning photographer on a national and international level and furthering their career with a cash prize, an exhibition and an associated catalogue.

The KBr Photo Award is open to Spanish and non-Spanish artists aged over 18 who will produce a new photographic project or complete an already undertaken one, both previously unpublished and which have not been entered for any other similar competition.

There is no fixed subject, but preference will be given to entries that reflect the tradition of documentary photography.

The winner will be chosen by an international jury comprising 4 leading figures in the art world, in addition to the photography chief curator of said institution, and will announce their decision in November 2021.

Submission requirements:

Description of the project and its aims, in PDF format.

Selection of between 10 and 15 images which illustrateand describe the proposal. These images should be JPGs or TIFF with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

Letter of recommendation from two professionals of recognized prestige in the field of photography, contemporary art, curatorship or publishing.

Entries can be written in Spanish or English.

Who may enter?

Open to photographers worldwide, who are over 18 years.


The prize is 25,000 Euros. In addition, Fundación MAPFRE will organise and present an exhibition in the Espai 2 at the KBr Fundación MAPFRE Barcelona Photo Center in February 2023. The exhibition will present the results of the prize-winning project and the Fundación will publish an accompanying catalogue.

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