AI Design Award 2024-2025

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AI Design Award 2024-2025

AI Design Award 2024-2025 is now open for entries!

AI Design Award 2024-2025: The AI Design Award, international competitions dedicated to honoring the most innovative and impactful AI-integrated designs, has been recently opened for entries for 2024-2025 inviting participants from all design-related fields.

Short description

The AI Design Award (AIDA) 2024-2025 is now open for entries and invites you to participate in this international competition with your innovative AI-integrated designs.

AIDA aims to encourage more design innovations in the AI field, as the organizers believe design should not fall behind while AI advances.

The AI Design Award recognizes, celebrates, and promotes exceptional AI-driven designs, uncovering emerging talent and honoring visionaries in AI integration across various design fields.

The 2024-2025 competition categories include:

AI Disciplines & Categories
AI Algorithm Development
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
AI in Finance and Business
AI in Robotics
AI in Music and Sound
Generative AI Video
Generative AI Image

Traditional Disciplines & Categories
Conceptual Design
Architecture Design
Transportation Design
Fashion Design
Product Design
Packaging Design
Lighting Design
Landscape Design
Furniture Design
User Experience Design
Data Visualization Design
Art & Entertainment

Who may enter?

The AI Design Award is open to participants from all design-related fields. This inclusivity spans emerging technologies, products and services, architecture, fashion, industrial design, urban planning, gaming, advertising, interior design, service design, user experience, visual and graphic design, interactive installations, and instructional products, as well as virtual and augmented reality.

Organiser welcomes submissions from individual designers, teams, and collectives. This award aims to celebrate the achievements of both emerging talents and established professionals.


As a winner, you will receive exclusive recognition for your innovative contributions to the AI x Design field. Your work will be featured across our digital channels, included in the AIDA yearbook, and presented at AIDA exhibitions in the Bay Area, United States. Winners will also be celebrated at the AI Design Award Ceremony.

Entry fees:

Early Bird entry fee starts at $75 for Students, $135 for Professionals and $225 for Enterprise. The entry fees vary depending on the date for registering.

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